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Vilkelis Chiropractic
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 38 reviews
 by Mary
I can walk!!

I came to see Dr. Vilkelis when I was pregnant. I had severe low back pain and hip pain. I COULDN'T WALK!

I CAN WALK!!! I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t walk. It improved in one week.

I have more mobility and I am less worried about what’s going to happen when the baby comes.

Thank you Dr. V!

 by Suzanne
I can finally sleep!

I have had neck and back pain and numbness from my neck to my mid-back for twenty years after a fall down a flight of stairs. I visited primary care doctors, neurologists, had numerous x-rays, CAT Scans, and MRI’s and spoke with spinal surgeons prior to visiting Dr. Vilkelis.

After seeing Dr. Vilkelis, all my pain and numbness is gone!

Chiropractic care has enabled me to enjoy a better quality of life due to increased mobility and freedom from drugs, including anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Dr. Vilkelis is a very thorough, caring professional. He always takes time to listen to my complaints and I’d highly recommend his services.

 by Donna
A Free Woman

I first came to see Dr. Vilkelis when Suddenly, I felt shooting pains running up and down my right arm. I’ve had a lot of neck pain in the past, which originated when I gardened regularly and found it necessary to bend down for long periods of time. But I’m at a desk job these days and this time, I couldn’t figure out what I had done to bring on the pain. Carrying a large purse? Moving furniture around the apartment? Although I experienced shooting pains up and down my right arm on and off during the day, I was often in continual pain during the evenings while reading or watching TV in bed. This pain, which led to a numbness in my arm, made me search for a comfortable position in bed which was difficult to find. Sometimes it woke me up at night.

When this happened, I went directly to Dr. Vilkelis. – He always knows just what ails me, and chiropractic therapy has cured my back pain many, many times over the years. But my GP recommended that I also see a neurologist to have an MRI. I did meet with one, but never had the MRI because the therapy I had already begun with Dr. Vilkelis quickly started to do away with the pain, so it didn’t seem necessary.

Dr. Vilkelis quickly determined that while I was experiencing the pain in the arm, the injury originated in my neck. He sent me to have x-rays and determined that I had deteriorated disk disease in my neck. The word “disease” frightened me at first, but after I began therapy with Dr. Vilkelis, the pain completely abated within just a few weeks. The pain never returned – even when I had to miss a week of work – because of work related travel.

I’m a free woman now! And there has been no pain in my arm for weeks. My therapy regime will conclude this week, but to keep the pain in check, I will continue therapy once a month – or as directed by Dr. Vilkelis – from here on in.

 by Hector V
Feeling Healthy

I first came to see Dr. Vilkelis because my low back, neck, knees and the left shoulder all hurt. I was experiencing headaches, I was unbalanced, leg pain, knee pain, left leg numbness, sciatic pain and sleeplessness.

The left leg has improved a lot. I can sleep at night. The knee pain has improved. Shoulders have improved. Headaches are better, so much so that I didn’t think about them until four other things. My sciatic pain is almost gone and I'm able to sleep better at night. I was very hesitant to see Dr. Vilkelis but I am glad I did. I feel whole again and I am able to go about my daily routines again. I really appreciate the help he has given me and consider him the best as well as a good friend. I will continue to highly recommend him.

 by Kurt M
Bell's Palsy

I was diagnosed with a condition called Bells Palsy. The left side of my face was completely paralyzed. A nerve was pinched that controlled the muscles in my face. I saw many specialists over a six month period without success. The neurologists told me that I would most likely never recover from my condition. Imagine being told one side of your face would be paralyzed for the rest of your life at 27 years old. After just a few weeks seeing Dr. Vilkelis, I’ve regained movement, feeling and my smile. Dr. Vilkelis absolutely changed my life! Dr. Vilkelis’ adjustments healed my nerve and brought my face back to life!

 by Elizabeth M.
Great doctor!

Dr. Vilkelis is a very knowledgeable practitioner, and very passionate about his work. He takes the time to understand what the issue is, and has the skills to achieve results. I highly recommend!

 by Robert S.
Highly Recommend!

I am 69 years old, live in Manhattan and consider my weekly visit to Dr. Vilkelis a priority. He is an excellent chiropractor who has helped me, literally, stay on my feet- for dance performance, fighting scoliosis, a traumatic brain injury, and Parkinsons. I highly recommend his expertise!

 by Denise L.
Great skilled chiropractor

I've been a patient of Dr Vilkelis for many years. Since his office is actual very far from my office, I have tried other chiropractors more convenient for me, but I always end up back with Dr Vilkelis because his adjustments are the best.

 by Edward C.
Warm and Excellent Professional!

My experience over several years has always been of the highest possible professionalism with a warmth and genuine caring nature. Knowledge and skilled with a wonderful manner that lets you relax and benefit from the well-thought-through program that helps you get back to a healthy and pain free living experience.

 by Anonymous
Best Chiropractic Care in NYC

never rushed, pays attention to smallest situations that you are experiencing. i have been getting adjusted for nearly 35 yrs now,
and Dr.Vilkelis does the best neck adjustments i've ever experienced. Dr. Vilkelis lives for his work and we the patient, are better for it.

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