Our New Online Store 

 October 24, 2014

By  Dr. John Vilkelis

I am pleased to announce that my online store with Metagenics has been upgraded.

The new page will have a modern look and an updated functionality for everyone’s convenience. The new site will also offer all Dr. Vilkelis’ patients a 10% discount on all Metagenics products as well as free shipping.

I hope you like the new face of our store and enjoy the new money saving benefits.

See you soon!


Dr. Vilkelis

Dr. John Vilkelis

Dr. Vilkelis has been in private practice for over 27 years. He has a reputation for truly caring for his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure people get the help they need. He accepts patients of all ages and is eager to help you get well and stay healthy. Give him a call today at (914) 618-4330.

Dr. John G. Vilkelis

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