Patient Wellness Day 

 June 12, 2013

By  Dr. John Vilkelis

Join Us for Patient Wellness Day

Friday, June 21, 2013

11am-2pm & 3pm-7pm

Vilkelis Chiropractic is excited to introduce you to the BioPhotonic Scanner on June 21st. This 90-second non-invasive scan will now be an ongoing service offered at $20.00 per scan to assess your overall health. The BioPhotonic Scanner is more accurate than blood work and will determine your antioxidant level. Research shows that antioxidant protection of your cells can decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes while slowing the aging process. On June 21st, in appreciation of patient loyalty, Dr. Vilkelis will offer FREE SCANS along with REFRESHMENTS and RAFFLE PRIZES. Our office believes in offering cutting edge healthcare to include nutrition, supplementation, and anti-aging. You’re invited to enter to win one of the following:
1) A Chiropractic Adjustment Package – Valued at $225
2) A 60-day Pharmanex Nutrition Package guaranteed to raise your scan score – Valued at $275.00
3) A 30-day Internal and External Anti-Aging Package – includes both nutrition and skincare – Valued at $200.00
4) A 30-day Nutrition Package – Anti-oxidant superfruit juice and pharmaceutical grade supplement – Valued at $100.00

Feel free to bring family and friends to this fun event! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about your health!!

Thank you for your commitment to your health and Vilkelis Chiropractic.


This technology was recently on the Dr. Oz Show and you can see a clip below.


Dr. John Vilkelis

Dr. Vilkelis has been in private practice for over 27 years. He has a reputation for truly caring for his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure people get the help they need. He accepts patients of all ages and is eager to help you get well and stay healthy. Give him a call today at (914) 618-4330.

Dr. John G. Vilkelis

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