Chiropractic Featured on Dr. Phil!! 

 March 14, 2012

By  Dr. John Vilkelis

Dr. PhilIf you’re a chiropractic patient and supporter in New York City and you often extol the wonderful care you get from your chiropractor your going to be happy to see the spotlight on chiropractic care on a popular television show.

March 14, 2012 revealed another first on the Dr. Phil Show.  The featured practitioners were two chiropractors for the first time in the shows history.

One of the chiropractors was the personal chiropractor of Dr. Phil and the other was the President of Parker University in Dallas, TX.

They spoke of the important health effects of chiropractic care for everyone, including a man from the audience that has been confined to a wheelchair since a terrible car accident when he was 5 years old.  If you want to read more please follow this link to the full article.

Please show this to someone that you know may be in need of chiropractic care in New York City and show them how safe and effective chiropractic care can be.

Dr. John Vilkelis

Dr. Vilkelis has been in private practice for over 27 years. He has a reputation for truly caring for his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure people get the help they need. He accepts patients of all ages and is eager to help you get well and stay healthy. Give him a call today at (914) 618-4330.

Dr. John G. Vilkelis

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