Palmer Rugby, Women’s Rugby Scholarships and Chiropractic Healthcare 

 August 17, 2010

By  Dr. John Vilkelis

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Davenport, Iowa for the Homecoming celebration at Palmer College of Chiropractic.  This particular homecoming was special to me because it marked the 50th anniversary of Palmer Rugby.

Friday night we had a banquet to celebrate the 50 years of championships and success.  There were former players (of course all chiropractors) from every decade of the club from the founders in 1960 to the current team.  Also at the banquet was the current women’s team that began at Palmer College of Chiropractic a few years ago.

This night was special because we all shared the common experience of becoming chiropractors at the best school in the country while playing rugby for one of the best clubs in the country.  We’ve shared our hard work and turmoil on and off the pitch.

Something else most of us shared while attending Palmer were rugby scholarships.  For many years now there have been scholarships at Palmer for men’s rugby.  Now that there is a women’s rugby team at Palmer there are also women’s rugby scholarships.  That’s right!  Women’s Rugby Scholarships!  Palmer College of Chiropractic is the only college in the country that has women’s rugby scholarships.  This is just another reason Palmer College of Chiropractic is the best chiropractic school in the world.  Palmer recognizes and excels in being first.  Women’s rugby scholarships are just another first for Palmer.

I spent the entire weekend with former teammates and classmates while attending continuing education seminars, rugby alumni functions and discussing the current state of healthcare.

Of course, I wouldn’t exactly call what we have now healthcare.  It’s more like disease care or sick care but not health.  Our current healthcare system and the new one just passed by congress are completely based on medicine, i.e. pharmaceuticals and surgery.  This is the main reason our current system is failing and the new system being put in place by the government will fail.

People need a new system that is based on natural health and prevention.  Chiropractic already offers this.  Did you know that people under regular chiropractic care are sick less, miss less days of work and in general feel better than people not under regular chiropractic care.  It’s because chiropractic removes the interference to your nervous system so your body can function the way it was meant to.  Your body already has the tools it needs to heal itself.  They just need to be in proper working order.

I see patients everyday that have been to every specialist under the sun for a health problem with no luck in solving that problem.  After being under chiropractic care their health problem is resolved.  These health problems range from migraines to acid reflux, ear infections, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc.  Now I would tell you that I am no snake oil salesman and no practitioner can help everyone.  I would also tell you that many health problems are much simpler to solve and understand than the medical community would lead you to believe.

Now please don’t email me to tell me how wonderful your medical doctor is because I am sure they are wonderful doctors and caring people.  Modern medicine and modern medicines are responsible for absolute miracles when there is an emergency or a crisis that must be addressed. That is not where my issue is.  My issue is with how medical care, pharmaceutical companies and the AMA are lobbying our healthcare into oblivion.  Crisis care is not what we all need all the time.

If you have never been to a chiropractor, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with one soon.  The health benefits may astound you.

Please let me know what you think of this article.  I would love to share your experience.

Dr. John Vilkelis

Dr. Vilkelis has been in private practice for over 27 years. He has a reputation for truly caring for his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure people get the help they need. He accepts patients of all ages and is eager to help you get well and stay healthy. Give him a call today at (914) 618-4330.

Dr. John G. Vilkelis

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  1. Awesome article. As you know I was there as well. It was a great event to recognize the hard work of the former Chiropractic and rugby pioneers,and heroes, as well as current Men’s and Women’s team members. This special group of individuals continue to be trend setters. I have been in healthcare practice for 26 years and see the “health” of not only Americans but the world continue to decrease while costs increase. I have had my share of “miracle cases” that any more they appear commonplace. Keep up the good work you are doing Doc.

  2. This has actually sparked up an idea in my mind. This really is a superb weblog article.

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